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Fax numbers are needed for any fax campaign.  Targeted, deliverable fax numbers are essential for a success.  Whether you're using WinFax Pro, or some other software, we have fax numbers lists in the format you need.   We offer some of the lowest fax number prices available.  We have over 8 million fax numbers at our fingertips.






8 million U.S. fax numbers for any software.

fax numbers
fax numbers


Fax Numbers Facts

Fax numbers are roughly 75% deliverable.  We send you more fax numbers than you pay for, so you get 100% delivered or better. If not, we'll send you more.

(Example: if we quote you 10,000 numbers, you will actually receive around 13,000)

Fax numbers can sometimes be targeted to match your customer profile.  Lists can be broken down by these categories... City, State, Area Code, & Business Type (SIC CODE - Standard Industrial Code).  Example:  Doctors, Restaurants, Insurance Agents in Texas, Dentists in Ohio, etc...

Note:  If you do not know what "SIC Code" your target market is, CLICK HERE    You can find out what SIC Code you are looking for.

Note: CLICK HERE for an AREA CODE map.

Fax List Formats Available are:   

      .txt (text), .xls (excel),  .csv (comma separated value)

Fax Delivery Service Available.   From fax ad design to complete fax delivery service.

Fax List Prices
List Count

Total $


Example:  12,500 Business Fax Numbers x .015 =$187.50

For larger amounts, please call for quote.




9:00-5:00 Pacific
(12:00-8:00pm Eastern)


  Contact us with any questions.

Fax numbers for any software.