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Email Marketing




Email Marketing

Email marketing can generate great sales and profits for your business.  There are more than 200 MILLION people online, and over 1 Million more people go online each and every month!   Those people who "opt in" to these lists have agreed to receive income opportunities and unique product offerings.

Email is quickly emerging as the marketing strategy of choice for professional networkers, home business owners, and fortune 500 companies alike.

Email marketing lets you aggressively seek out thousands - or millions - of people who are ready and able to utilize your product or service.  The right email campaign can turn your business into a steady money making machine.



"Opt-in" Email Lists

These email lists consist of General U.S consumers have expressed an interested in receiving information about unique products and services, special savings offers, and even income opportunities.

Over 10 million new addresses are added these lists every month!

Email Advertising Facts

Your email can usually be delivered with 2-3 business days.   From time of order and job sign-off.

Send any size email.  Although we feel shorter is better.

Opt-in Emails Have Agreed to Receive Email.   Before these people voluntarily submitted their email address through one of our affiliates, they were clearly informed of the purpose of the list.  We do not "spam" webhost directories, email servers, or providers.

Emails Can be Sent in HTML or Plain Text.   Some browsers will not read the HTML (Pictures, color, links, etc..) properly, and this may "jumble" your ad, making it hard to read.  We highly recommend sending PLAIN TEXT.   Ask us for details.

Email Is 100% Delivered.   Your order goes out to the total amount of addresses agreed upon...Guaranteed!

Free Consultation.   Before you spend one dime, let's make sure all your bases are covered.

Free Tips For a Successful Email Campaign.   Make sure you understand how the flow works, so you'll know what to do, what you need, what to expect, and how to get started. Read These Free Tips.


Email Pricing









These prices do not include "creative" work.  You provide the ad "ready for delivery", plus 3-4 Subject Headings.   If you'd like us to assist you in creating an email ready for delivery, add $49 for each email ad to be delivered.

Note:  We will not send pornography, or chain letters, etc... 
Our email is for legitimate business products, services, and opportunities.


Powerful email headlines can generate calls, hits, and even sign ups and orders the very same day!    Once you have found a great product, service, or financial opportunity, contact us about your email needs.

Make email work for YOU!


warning about sending too much too quickly…


Some things to consider:

-          Sending multiple times to the same list in a short period of time will likely result in a high “Opt-Out” rate, decreasing the size of your list, and possibly losing opportunities. Once they opt out there is no way for us to send to them again, ever.

-          Sending multiple times to the same list in a short period of time is guaranteed to result in a high compliant/”Mark As Spam” rate, and will again lead to messages not being delivered, and will actually harm our platform.

-          Sending the same message with the same subject line can get your message marked as spam, and your message will not get to the inbox after the second send in a short period of time.

-          If the message body is not changed at all the message can get “finger printed” by spam appliances and the emails again will not get to inboxes.










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