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Customer Relationship Management plays a critical role in increasing a company's profits and customer retention. In today's competitive world retaining customers is one of the biggest challenges for every business. CRM helps businesses learn their customers needs, who they are and why they purchase your products. CRM refers to technology businesses can use to record, store, organize, retrieve and analyze their customers interactions to build good client relationship management. Our CRM platform works by collecting data from potential and existing clients through the company's website, social media, email and phone. The platform then stores and analyzes the data. The data can then be analyzed to create optimal client relationship management strategies. AdMax Marketing's CRM process is automated improving productivity, helping save time, labor, money and ultimately increasing business growth.

Why Do People Choose Our Software?

Satisfied Customers

Best Software

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It is all about the tools that help you sell.

Missed Call Text Back

If you miss an incoming call, the caller will get a text message, asking how you can help them.


Every business needs automations to save time, money, and improve quality of their services. In today's competitive market, no matter what the industry, you need the automations that perform most of your daily tasks automatically, 24/7.

Social Media Poster

So you have a business to run and no time to post fresh content to your Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Google Business Profile, no worries. You have a social media poster right at your fingertips!

Trigger Links

If you don't have a marketing campaign inviting prospects to your funnel, you can simply email a trigger link to your prospects and when they click on it, it will trigger a campaign of events you have already set up for them. A great way to bring leads in.


You don't have to have Google Analytics to know what is going on in your business. Your CRM has plenty for reports and dashboards that keep you ahead of the game all year long.

Database Reactivation

Say you have a list of 5000 customers and you have no way of getting in touch with them. Your CRM will send them custom emails to bring them back to your landing page and marketing campaign to generate new business for you.


A complete one-stop solution for marketing, lead generation, nurturing, automations, and everything your local busienss needs to succeed.

Instant SEO

Google Business Profile is listed on over 150 top rated search engines and listing sites. Profile shows up in top Google search results within a few days.

All-In-One Inbox

Two-way in-box for calls, emails, SMS, recordings, Meta, Instagram, Google Business Profile, and website messages.

Form Builder

Tired of paying other companies to create an occasional form for your small business? Your Form Builder creates unlimited forms for free.

Sales Funnels

Build unlimited professional looking sales funnels or landing pages for all your sales needs using drag and drop features.

Chat Bot

Want to make sure your site visitors contact you with any questions? You have a chat bot that brings their messages to your cell phone for a mobile chat.


Build your own professional looking website by using the drag and drop features. Use a template or build your own. We will help.

Mass Mailing App

Stop paying MailChimp or Constant Contact for cold email outreach or keeping in touch with your client base. Your app does it all, the drip way.

Membership App

Create your own video library or courses for your staff and team members. Set up training courses for different departments or your human resources.

Email Template Builder

Don't envy big guys for their fancy emails. Create beautiful, professional email templates for all your marketing needs in house.


Forget about Calendly. This app is a different beast. Create unlimited individual or team calendars for your entire organization. You can integrate with Google and Outlook too.


Build unlimited pipelines, one for each product and track the stages of your prospects from ads to your shopping cart.

Marketing Tools

All the marketing tools you will need to market your own business.


Reputation Management

Get hundreds of Google reviews with this tool that takes your happy clients to your Google Business Profile for reviews and keeps following up.

Survey Builder

No need to subscribe to outside vendors to create your surveys. You can create unlimited professional grade surveys in your own CRM.

SMTP Email Inbox

No need to use third party email inboxes for your business. Get your own domain based email in-box with an SMTP service provider.

Call Tracking & Recording

All incoming and out going calls are recorded for accurate information and future use.


Build unlimited workflows to tell your CRM what it needs to do on every step of a sales, nurturing and onboarding process. Sky is the limit.


Use pre-built or custom triggers to tell your system to take actions when a particular condition is met. You can have unlimited 'If this happens, then do that" commands to speed up your production.


Communicate with your prospects and clients via SMS from your cell phone or your computer.

Call Tracking & Recording

All incoming and out going calls are recorded for accurate information and future use.

Text To Pay

Text a payment link to your clients for quick payment. This tool will take them to your payment portal. Text payment requests get quicker response.

Our mission is to help local businesses achieve their goals using an affordable, sensible CRM.

CRMs don't have to be out of reach for main street businesses, and they don't have to be difficult to work with. Every CRM provider out there makes it impossible for start-ups and small businesses to own a CRM by charging per user per month, and charging annual fees upfront. If you click on their monthly payments, the prices get doubled or three times the amount what you were shown in the first place.

AdMax Marketing does not nickel and dime customers on per user nonsense or monthly charges being 3 times the annual payments. Our plans are all for unlimited users and everything in the CRM is for unlimited number of times.

AdMax Marketing offers a fully loaded CRM to small businesses, trains business owners, and continues to help them for as long as they need help.

Get a Quote? No we don't play games. Everything is shared in Pricing. Simply pick the plan you love!

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