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Frequently Asked Questions


How much does is cost?  ALL fax companies charge by volume purchased.  See the home page or order form for pricing.

Are your lists included in the price?  We have 3 pricing charts.  TWO of them reflect using our lists.  The 3rd is for those who have their own list.

What kind of lists do you have?   We have 2 kinds of databases:

Targeted Businesses:  This list is broken down by City, State, Zip, Area Code, & Business Type (SIC CODE - Standard Industrial Code).

Examples: Doctors in Area Code 212, Restaurants nationwide, Insurance Agents in Texas, Dentists in Ohio, etc.

NOTE:  If you want to know what "SIC Code" your target market is, go to: www.siccodes.com/  You can find out what SIC Code you are looking for.

With these lists, you will also receive a copy of the list, so you may contact them by phone or mail also.

General Businesses:  This list can NOT be broken down by industry.  Only by AREA CODE or State.  These are great for those with product and services that most any business or person can use.  (good for contractors, insurance products, financial services, coupons, energy savers, etc..)

Where do you get your lists? 

We have been purchasing lists from various brokers for years.  Most business-to-business numbers originate with companies like InfoUSA, who compile databases of all sorts for the purpose of selling them to marketers. Some of our list sources are proprietary.

Can I send Color flyers?

Yes, but most people don't have color faxes machines.  Color does NOT fax well.   If in doubt, we can fax you a test copy to see how it looks.

Why don't most fax companies post their prices, forcing me to "contact them for a quote"?  We can not answer for other providers.  We post our prices because they are very competitive, and we don't need to waste your time getting this simple answer.  Actually, our rates are well under most providers, because our prices include list rental, toll free "remove" lines, and we do all the work of list acquisition, list formatting, list deduping, and uploading, flyer work, reporting, etc..    

Do you do flyer design?  Yes.  We can create a flyer for you for just $35.    Allow 48 hours for this to be completed.

What are the best days to send faxes? 

Generally, Tuesday-Thursday, AM. We can send whenever you wish however.

What is the average response rate? 

Response rates vary greatly.  Well written ads with a good product can generate 5-6 calls for every 1,000 faxes sent. Sometimes less, sometimes more.  See our tips page before sending your flyer.  Note:  Don't believe anyone who says you'll get 2-3% response.  Those days are long gone. 

Do you guarantee a response? 

Unfortunately, we do not guarantee response.  We can guarantee delivery only.   Advertising response rates vary greatly due to many factors... the flyer, timing, target market, value of product/service, etc... AdMaxMarketing.com simply can not; therefore, does not guarantee sales or response. If you find one that does, please let us know!

Do I get a confirmation report?  Yes.  A summary report is sent soon after completion.  An Excel file is also generated with full details of the run.

Can I buy the fax numbers and fax myself?  Yes. see here  

How do I know the faxes went out?   When the phone starts ringing of course.  Also, you can "seed" your list with your fax number.  When you receive that fax, you'll know they're going out.  Otherwise, the confirmation report will detail each number for you.

Do I have to fill out an Order Form for every job?   We require a signed Order Form for 1st time orders.  Yes

Do you offer credit terms?  Sorry, no. 

What if all the numbers don't connect?  You only pay for 100% completed fax pages.  We quote you based on what we know should connect.  It takes more than the quoted number to actually get the job completed.  (Ex.  It takes about 13000 records to complete a 10000 fax job.)  If the job falls short, we send more.  If we simply don't have enough to complete it, we'll credit back the difference. 

What format can I submit my documents in?  Formats that work are:  .doc (Word), .pdf (Photoshop/Acrobat),  .pub (Publisher),  .jpg (image format), .gif (image format), .tif (image format).  No Macintosh files.

Word and PDF are best.

Can I do a "Mail Merge" to insert the recipient's name with each fax?

For the "targeted list" yes.  This can take a day or two to set up.

How long does it take to get my job processed?  For the "general" lists, we can send orders the same same day if you catch us early enough and your flyer is ready.  For "targeted lists", allow 24 hours from the time we receive your order form.

How often do you update your lists?  This is an "inaccurate" question.  Some of our records are years old.  Some are compiled at time of order.  There is no way to "update" them unless we actually fax to them.  We don't just fax to millions of numbers to "update" them.  The real question is "what is the delivery rate?" Our lists normally connect 70%+.   This is why we send extra faxes to make sure your job is completed in full.

Is faxing legal?   There are restrictions.  For full information, see www.fcc.gov.


Please call or email us with any questions or comments.


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