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Fax Service

If you need to get a fax out and don't have the time, or you just don't want to do it, we can help. "Fax broadcasting" can be an effective communication tool for your business. You can fax broadcast to generate exposure for your business, send company bulletins, memos to clients or suppliers, reminders for upcoming events, etc... 

If you don't have lists, we can help.  Our list data providers usually have what you need.  Contact us for details.


Fax Service

Guaranteed 100% delivered A delivery report is generated upon completion.
Fax broadcast during business hours only.  We can send whenever you like of course, but in general, Tuesday - Thursday in the AM is best.
Toll Free "Remove Line".  We never fax someone another fax if they've called to be removed from this remove line This number is required when fax broadcasting.  Our number and service is included.  ALL jobs are "scrubbed" against our current list of over 500,000 fax numbers that have already requested removal.
Flyer design.  If you need help, we can design one for you. ($20-40 flyer fee). Fax flyer design may take up to 72 hours to complete.
   Our data providers have lists.  If you don't have a list, we may be able to help.

Fax Broadcasting Prices 

Purchase price is based on VOLUME purchased.  Contact for quote. 

(from 1.3 - 6 per 1-page fax, depending job details.)


Includes ALL business types, sent by Area Code or State.

These include all business types and are broken down by area code or state.  Good for general offerings like construction trades, accounting services, insurance, finance products, etc.. 

Includes Automated Toll Free remove line.

Includes businesses grouped by business type (SIC Codes), sent by area code, zip code, state, or nationwide.

These are business listing broken down by SIC Code and region. These are for those looking to stay focused on 1 or more business types... AND/OR tight regions like "City" or "Zip Code".  Ex.  Restaurants in Ohio, Dentists in New York City, all business in Zip Code 12345, etc...

Includes Automated Toll Free remove line.

Use YOUR List

Send to us in Excel, Text, or .CSV

Includes Automated Toll Free remove line.


Easy as...

1: Your List

If you have your own list, just email to us as an attachment. (if you don't know how, just call us)  List files should be Excel, Comma Separated Value (.csv), or Text (.txt).   If you do not have a list of your own, contact us to see if we have what you need.

2: Your Fax Page

Each page charged is for 8.5 x 11 sheet.  Email it to us as an attachment.  We send electronic files, not paper.  A picture of a flyer won't work.

Formats that work are:  .doc (Word), .pdf (Photoshop/Acrobat),  .jpg (image format)  No MacIntosh files. 

If you need to have a flyer designed for you.  ($20-40 flyer fee).   Fax flyer design may take up to 72 hours to complete. 

3: Payment

All jobs are prepaid prior to sending. Contact us for an order form.  For credit card orders, orders can be sent same day in some cases.  Usually 24 hours in advance is sufficient.  

NOTE:  Please plan ahead.  We can usually send jobs same day, but not always.  Plan ahead.  Give us 24-48 hours if you can. 




Post Card Mailers

Looking for even more ways to generate new business?  Traditional mailing programs have been used successfully for more than 50 years.  Why? Because it works!  Postcard mailers are a great affordable way to reach your target market.  

These are HIGHLY TARGETABLE and average a 95% DELIVERY RATE!  (That's very high if you're new to this.)



14 Million Business to Business Lists


144 Million Business to Consumer Lists



If you're in need of a fax service, we can help.

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  Contact us with any questions.

For a free fax service consultation... just call or email us now and we'll get back to you back asap.  
Fax service for all your faxing needs.

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